Type 2 Diabetes Surgery in Turkey, Antalya, Obesity Center, Antalya, Turkey

Gastric sleeve or mini gastric bypass (English speaking doctor)

The diabetes operation is performed by a english speaking doctor,
in Antalya, 
performed laparoscopically.


Gastric surgery lowers blood sugar levels.


If conventional weight reduction is not possible, gastric surgery can help with type 2 diabetes.


With the gastric reduction or gastric bypass at the obesity Center in Antalya, Turkey, it is possible in most cases to significantly reduce blood sugar levels. Many patients no longer need to inject insulin after surgery. The risk of dangerous diabetes complications such as heart attack, stroke, eye, vascular & kidney diseases decreases.


There are several methods:


1.) Stomach reduction (gastric sleeve), the success rate here is 80%.


2.) The best results were obtained after a mini gastric bypass.

Here, switching off the stomach is carried out, bypassing the duodenum.


The operation is performed laparoscopically, that is, by means of "keyhole surgery".

Immediately after the operation, there should be a decrease in the required insulin therapy.


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