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The Omega Loop Bypass operation is performed in Antalya, Turkey, laparoscopically. 


With gastric bypass, the stomach is separated a few centimeters below the entrance to the stomach. There remains a small residual stomach, "pouch", which holds about 15 ml and serves as a brake for the supplied food. The small intestine is also cut. One end of the intestine is connected to the small residual stomach and the other is diverted in such a way that the food and digestive juices are mixed only in the middle small intestine and the upper small intestine, directly adjacent to the stomach, is bypassed ("engl. Bypass"). The digestive juices are introduced into the deeper parts of the intestine and thus digestion can only begin here by splitting the food components. The consequence is that not all food components can be broken down and thus only a part is absorbed "absorbed". Thus, there are fewer nutritional building blocks available to the blood. The undigested food is transported to the large intestine. 


The disadvantages of gastric bypass


The physiology in the digestive process is changed. Not only the intake of calorie carriers is reduced, but also that of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. 

In particular, vitamin B 12 can no longer be "absorbed" via the normal digestive performance and the administration must be carried out throughout life by injection. 

In individual cases, this also applies to the absorption of iron. 

Permanent intake of a multivitamin preparation is required daily. 

Certain medications may no longer be taken orally because they can damage the intestinal mucosa. Others are reduced in their effectiveness, e.g. hormones. 

Depending on the food composition, side effects such as flatulence, foul-smelling fatty stools, diarrhea and the so-called "dumping syndrome" with circulatory drop and lightning-like bowel emptying after eating very sugary foods and drinks can occur. 

The restrictive effect of the small "pouch" can be lost over time and normal to large amounts of food can then be eaten again. 

The execution of an endoscopic gastroscopy is no longer possible, or the removal of bile duct stones.


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