Heartburn Treatment / Reflux Surgery, Antalya,Turkey

The heartburn treatment / reflux surgery is performed by english-speaking doctor, in Antalya, laparoscopic performed.


Heartburn treatment / reflux surgery is mainly used for extremely severe heartburn, which has been plaguing the affected person for a long time and does not respond to any treatment methods.

It can not only relieve the patient of his complaints, but also put an end to the associated psychological stress.


Everyday life then often seems like an insurmountable obstacle and the mental state is often impaired. A reflux surgery can give these sufferers a piece of quality of life.


What happens during reflux surgery?

The primary goal of reflux surgery is to prevent the path of stomach acid from the stomach into the esophagus. This effort is directed not only against the acute symptoms that an untreatable reflux brings with it, but above all against its long-term consequences.


So that exactly this does not happen, doctors have developed antirefluxplasty, i.e. surgical techniques against occurring reflux. This ensures that ingested food can pass through the esophagus as usual, in order to then be crushed and utilized in the digestive tract. The chyme fills the upper part of the stomach, but this area expands and thus narrows the transition from the esophagus to the stomach. The effect: A backflow of the stomach contents is hardly possible anymore.


Most patients no longer or hardly suffer from annoying heartburn afterwards.


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