Botox injection into the stomach, Antalya, Turkey (endoscopic)

How does the anti-hunger syringe help?

How much excess weight can you lose with gastric botox treatment? The treatment is carried out as part of a day–by–day endoscopic treatment - gastroscopy - at very specific points in the stomach. The patient receives sedation beforehand and thus does not feel any pain. As a result of the treatment, the emptying of the stomach is delayed, and the feeling of hunger is reduced. This gradually leads to weight loss. Controlled double-blind studies show that by using the "anti-hunger syringe" a weight loss of 5 to 15 kilograms is possible within six months. After that, if necessary, a repetition of treatment is possible.

The attending physician should be specially trained in the latest gastric botox technique. Because the desired effect, i.e. weight loss, can only be achieved by applying it in the right places.


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